Product Placement

You know what butt shorts are, right? They’re those heather grey gym shorts with a word written across the wearer’s fanny. Unfortunately, I go to UMass Amherst, so our school sells shorts with “UMASS” on the backside. I giggle every time I see these, and I once told Eric and Chris about my plan to make a matching UMBOOBS sweatshirt.

Chris suggested a maroon lanyard that says “FRESHMAN” over and over (Traveling to UMass? The frosh are easily recognizable by their dorm keys on UMass lanyarns and need for direction to Mahar).

One day, when I was taking a Norse Myth class, Eric, Chris and I came up with a second line of butt shorts. We’re going to print “Freyja” and “Thor” on the rear.

Anyone else want to buy stock in our Asgard line?

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