The wheels are turning….

I was at the Hamster Mall with the boys the other day. I don’t get to see my Eric that much now that he’s working about a million hous a week. So when he was out hre, he and Chris went to EB and I was in Deb looking at sundresses for a date with a certain overaged skinny man (more on that later!)

In Deb, there was this adorable little boy, perhaps three or four years, playing with the skirts and babbling to his mom. He was so cheery and well-behaved that I was getting worried about the biological clock ticking and wondering if I might be starting to not hate children anymore. Anyway, a woman with three kids comes in and the kids are screaming and whining for a visit to Kay-Bee toys next door. They are so loud most of the store is staring at them, wondering why their mother lets them act like terrors. The mother gives them a few disinterested commands to be quiet, but of course the little monsters don’t. Then she agrees to take them to Kay-Bee, pays for her clothes, and leaves.

You can see the wheels turning in the little boy’s head. The brats got toys, but he doesn’t. Therefore, whining is preferable to quiet. He looks over at him mother and starts to scream for toys.

I hate kids.

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