Top 10 Things I didn’t Like About Troy

1) Troy wasn’t burned in a day, you know.

2) How about putting some gods in this movie?

3) What’s up with making Chryseis, Brieseis, Cassandra and Klytemnestra into the same person? What, there were too many women in the Illiad?

4) While we’re at it, how ’bout some backstory on Achilles? For all the screen time he gets sulking by the ships, you’d think he’d mention his heel.

5) Um, Menelaus doesn’t die at Troy.

6) Um, Agamemnon doesn’t die at Troy.

7) Um, Ajax doesn’t die at Troy. (well, not in the battle anyway)

8 ) What’s up w/ the 12-yr-old Aeneas?

9) What’s up w/ the secret back door out of Troy?

10) How about some divine intervention here?

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