Driving To Sterling

Last night I drove to Sterling to see Eric and my second family. Did you catch that? I drove. This is a major accomplishment, since I am a terrified of driving. But I haven’t seen my Eric in quite a while, so I took the risk.

“Are you staying in tonight?” I asked my housemate Chris during a brief stop at Castle Von Hoffmann before I drove out to the original Hoffmann home.


“Oh good. So when I call and say I broke down somewhere on the way to Sterling, you can come get me.” Chris is awesome, so he agreed.

On the way back, I got on Route 2 going the wrong way, and took a shortcut through Groton. For those not from Massachusetts, that’s a bit like Columbus’ shortcut to India.

“After that, you must have had fun on 202,” Grant said when I told him about my late-night automobile adventures.

“Are you kidding?” I told him, “I can do 202 in my sleep. Besides, it was so late that there were none of those pesky other cars around,”

“Right.” said Grant. On some occasions, I can read what’s going on in his head. This time, it was How did this girl get a license?

I was thrilled with my accomplishment last night. I mean, how often do I get to know what Grant’s really thinking?

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