Goodbye Professor Antioch

On Friday I went to Prof. Antioch’s memorial service, it was at the bar of the Lord Jeff, which is somehow quite appropriate. I went with Marcus, and we got an odd look from Magistra. See, Magistra knew that I used to date him and also that he lives with Becky now and I’m seeing Stick (you following all that? and people think classicists are dull) but she didn’t say anything because it wasn’t really appropriate. Although I know of at least one pick-up from that night… And no, it wasn’t me.

It was weird for me because when I got the chance to work on the mosaic, I wanted to tell Prof. Antioch about it, he was my Roman Arch. teacher, also he was very interested in Antioch (that’s why I’m calling him that) and my mosiac is from Antioch. But obviously I couldn’t tell him, and I can never tell him.

Then I got blitzed with my favorite teachers so I felt better. Prof. Neapolean had been off last semester because his wife was having a baby, so I hadn’t seen him in a bit. I love him to pieces, I adored his Age of Augustus class! I think I am going to take the Aeneid with him next fall, although only a masochist would sign up for that much homework. Anyway, he said named his daughter Claudia! The whole table pointed out that that’s a good Roman name. “That’s a family name,” Prof. Neapolean insisted. “If you’re an early emperor,” I agreed. (That’s another reason why Stick and I shouldn’t get married, you need someone to tell you that you cannot name your son Marcus Tullius and your daughter Lucretia.)

Kathryn from Greek Arch. was there too, and she looked like she was going to cry when Prof. Rex was eulogizing Prof. Antioch, but Prof. Marathon made us all laugh afterwards. It was weird to see Prof. Rex so upset… Then Prof. Woodsman told us a joke to which the punchline was “The vocative L in ancient Sumerian,” and we all had another drink. (Except Marcus, he quit drinking. I don’t know if Antioch’s death had anything to do with it) The memorial was actually REALLY fun, everyone was a classicist or archeologist so when there was chit-chat it was about dating mediterrean pottery or translating linear B.

I think that’s how I want to be remembered. I’d like to get my near & dear to have a few drinks and talk about good times… and dead Romans, of course. One day, Stick’s father said that he wants a foozball table set up over his casket. I was a little creeped out at the time, but now I think I get it.

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