Cretan Art and Gamer Boys

I’m doing a research project on Minoan seals, specifically on mythical monsters on Minoan seals. I was explaining this to someone at UMSFS, who comes back with the not-terribly-original question of how that benefits me. Exactly what use is that to me? And who cares about fanciful animals on tiny Cretan gems?

I am about to respond with my ever-ready six-and-a-half minute speech on the values of a classical background and the relevance of antiquity to the present day when bio-major Tom unexpectedly comes to my rescue.

“Mythological animals are relevent for gamers.” he says, “There’s Griffon Games in Greenfield. And isn’t that your boyfriend’s store?”

“Yeah,” I say, gearing up for my speech, but various gamers who have been watching my defence of Minoan art throw in their opinions.

“There’s Modern Myths!”

“And Dragon’s Lair,”

“And Phoenix Games,”

“Exactly,” I say, “See, if I didn’t know the difference between them, I could end up in the wrong one. And if I walked into Phoenix Games and started kissing the proprietor, things would get very messy.”

There is dead silence as the room processes just how useful Minoan seals can be in one’s romantic life.

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