Weird Friends

My friend Allison’s boyfriend proposed to her when they were on the Kissing Bridge at a Renn Faire… wearing color co-ordinated garb.

I’m not mocking Renn faires, really. I like the shows, the food, the flirty boys and the knife-throwing competition. Actually, I like everything about going to a fair except the ubiquitous Renn Accent. If you’ve been to a fair, you know what I mean, it’s half Olliver Twist and half speech impediment. I don’t get it.

Anyway, Allison and her boyfriend, sorry, I mean her fiance, thought it would be great to have a Renn wedding. Oh, did I somehow forget to mention that Allison is pagan? So each bridesmaid gets to dress in renn garb, in the colors of an element.

I’m Air. No, I don’t know why, Allison started to tell me about my aura but I wasn’t really listening. She wants me to choose fabric that seems like air, but won’t let me go naked. She also won’t let Mama Hoffmann make me a dress out of bubble wrap.

Allison assures us that the money spent on these clothes isn’t wasted since we’ll get to wear the outfits every time we go to a Renn faire. (Personally, I think the bubble-wrap dress would be more cost effective, but she STILL said no.)

Allison’s punk little sister (Fire) asked if she could dye her hair red. Eric and Anna, both engineers, both Earth, wanted to build a rock costume, with camouflage and moving parts.

Poor Allison looked at us as though she’d been cursed with WEIRD friends.

(I don’t think we’ll tell her that Stick isn’t getting a tux or garb for the wedding. He’s going to dress as the Spanish Inquisition.)

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