Casablanca Spoiler

Last night, Stick and I rented Casablanca, because he’s never seen it. Yeah, you heard that right, I’m the weird hippie who doesn’t get pop culture, but he worked in a video store and he’s never seen Casablanca. Anyway, stop reading now if you haven’t seen it either because it’ll do you good to get out from the rock, and also I’m about to ruin the ending. Still here? During one of the Rick and Ilsa scenes, Stick turns to me and says “Damnit, now I know they won’t end up together or you wouldn’t be crying!”

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  1. Nerdine says:

    I can’t believe he hadn’t seen Casablanca!!
    Love your blog btw..
    I hva a fascination not for dead Romans, but for Vikings… Am interested in all things history, though, but I did my m.phil in Viking history…
    Congrats on your graduation!

  2. jEFF says:

    Steph hadn’t seen it either until a few months ago!

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