Grammar and Mechanics

I passed my MTELs! I got a 97 in reading! I showed my roommates, well, actually I did a happy little dance and they came to see about all the crashing. Chris asked me if that’s percentage correct or percentile, and I had to think long and hard about the difference. (It wasn’t a 97 in math)

A month ago, Stick’s mom drove me to the MTELs, and therefore had to listen to my spastic, nervous rambling on the way, as well as my brave announcement that if I fail, I’ll just retake it in the fall. So I showed her my score report. She looked at my perfect scores for Grammar, Usage and Mechanics subsections, and said “Meggy! You done good!”

Edit: Yes, I DID tell Stick, and he was underwhelmed in that “I knew you’d pass” kind of way that wasn’t really worth mentioning.

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