WarCraft and Weddings

Some people have told me it’s been a while since I’ve posted. To those people, I have to say: For bandits, those Defias guys don’t really have much money.

Also, my girlfriend Allison got married on Saturday.

Early on Saturday morning, Eric drove me to the salon to meet up with the girls for hair and make-up. I arrived in a super good mood because I’d finished hemming my bridesmaid dress in the car on the way over. There was a dressmaking drama, which involved all the bridesmaids and assorted relatives sitting in the bridal suite cutting and sewing late into the previous night. (Note to self: Require written contract. Perferably signed in blood.)

All made up!

We all got prettified and went back to the Warfield House. The dress disaster continued. When the remaining costumes finally showed up, they must have been for another wedding since none of our bridesmaids fit. The best part was when the florist came upstairs, in garb, and helped us finish pinning and tying our dresses together. But it really doesn’t matter because everyone only looks at the bride.

Then we got Athene dressed up in her pretty, pretty princess dress and we cried. Her mom came in to give her “something borrowed” and we cried. We went outside to the wedding, and we cried. I got a little rush of single-girl blues, and a bigger rush of pre-party excitement. But mostly I was watching my friend getting ready to join her life with someone else. She’d been stressed about all the minutiae of throwing the party and the dressmaker’s saga, but now she was calm and happy.


I think there’s a rule that girlfriends never ever think their friend’s boyfriend, fiance or husband is good enough for her. I’m no exception. He’s anal in a little-boy way about other people touching his stuff, obsessed with his TV, has bad taste in movies, and adores Allison with all his heart. So I guess he’s all right.

All the girls

I tried to teach the bridal bouquet to like me and want to come back to me, but SOMEHOW Allison’s sister caught it. I wonder how that happened?

Later, I danced with Stick, who doesn’t like to dance and doesn’t like gothy music but he did it anyway to make me happy (because he’s the Best Boyfriend Ever). Sadly, I could not convince the DJ to play Dancing Queen so none of my friends got to see the amazing spectacle that is Stick’s special response to that song.

Dancing to something that wasn’t Dancing Queen

Then Stick and I went back to our room, and had some wine and after-action review until I fell asleep. Actually, I am not entirely sure how the conversation ended and I have a vague feeling that he may have still been talking. But after all that WarCrafting, I mean, pre-wedding adventures, I was really tired.

My roommates caught me with Stick

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