No-Plan-Ahead Boy and No-Sense-of-Direction Girl, Again

On the way down to Mystic, we once again proved that the combination Meg and MapQuest is disasterous. I can read a map very well, but MapQuest is like getting directions from the friend who says he knows a shortcut. I used to have a boyfriend who’d go into a sulk everytime I said “I think we should have turned left there,” which meant that when we arrived at our destination twenty minutes late, he was grumpy and not speaking to me. Stick says “That’s ok, maybe if we make this next left it’ll join up with that road,” and then goes back to telling me about eighties music…

Oh yeah, Stick ALSO changed his CDs so instead hearing Best Of Queen, Best of Queen 2, Obscure Queen Songs, and Still More Queen Songs, we listened to Moxy Fruvous, etc. I could go on, but I’m starting to bore myself with the Stick-is-awesome stuff.

On Saturday we went to the beach. Which was really fun and but after you go to the beach, you have to walk back from the beach… and if you are the kind of people who have spent the day either barefoot on burning sand or breaking in brand new flip-flops, this is pretty uncomfortable. Plus, by this time, my sexy demin skirt is covered in an unsexy salt-and-sand layer, and all the places we forgot to sunscreen are red and blotchy.

Sunday we went to Mystic Seaport. There is a ship called the Joseph Conrad, which did actually have enough rivets to sail… (If you got that, you are a huge English geek, and it’s probably the only time Heart Of Darkness will make me laugh)

We’d had a really good chardonnay on Saturday night and we stopped by the vineyard when it was made. It was fun because I tried a bunch of new wines, also because I got to see the pretentious wine-tasters, swirling their glasses and sniffing their shirts between vintages. I wonder if they can really taste all that “hint of leather” and “citrus undertones” stuff or if the pourer is making it up. Because I think that’s wasted on me. I don’t taste oak and leather and cherries… I taste wine. Maybe I’m missing something, so I will make it my mission to drink as much as possible to correct this.

Then we got home and Stick’s mom yelled at me for improperly sunscreening her son!

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  1. Dunkelza says:

    I think the navigation this has something to do with Connecticut. We had a similar problem in Lyme.

    Sounds like fun though!

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