Stercus Fit

Today we had a pop vocab and translation quiz in Latin and I was brilliant! Ok, maybe not quite brilliant, because my translation involved “herd of bulls” and I don’t really think bulls run in herds. But for almost two whole minutes, I was done with my quiz and just basking in my near-brilliance. Then our actual lesson started and then I was lost and confused again.

Later on, I was suffering over my translation homework right before Prof. Giant’s class. He teaches Greek and my special nickname in his class is “Antigone-Hater”. Anyway, Prof. Giant looks over and says “Meg, find your verb,” and I’m all “I found my verb but there’s an ablative that just gate-crashed my nice sentence!” and then he said that my sentence had a backwards deponent verb. I was ready to put my hands over my ears and sing “Lalalala, I can’t hear you!” but then Prof. Giant said that you can remember it because Stercus fit means “Shit happens” in Latin.

Edit: Apparently in ancient Rome, bulls ran in herds.

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