The Internet Is For…

Yesterday I was studying for my Latin final with Paula and Jared in the Davis Room. None of us had the foresight to print out the reveiw sheet from the class website, or remember the URL, so we googled our prof’s name.

It turns out that our Latin teacher shares her full name with an adult film star. Googling for her name, plus “classics” gave us a gallery of the specialty actress’ most-loved videos. Adding “Latin” didn’t exactly help either. Let’s just say she wasn’t tutoring all those guys in the uses of the subjunctive.

I won’t tell you which adult actress, not to protect my teacher’s identity or anything considerate like that, but because super-smart search engine robots are crawling this page right now. Posting about the hot coffee mod a few months ago increased my hits almost instantly. (I wonder if my text-related Google links are still PG?) I’m carefully avoiding typing a certain four-letter word, that starts with a P and rhymes with horn, in the hopes that my blog won’t be censored by the Chinese government.

Maybe I shouldn’t have typed that.

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