Valentine’s Day

Happy Hallmark Day! I taught my first lesson today, which wasn’t supposed to happen for a week yet, and also I was supposed to have someone observing my first lesson. Yet another example of how schedules don’t exist in China, and I must remind myself to adjust. It went well, though, we talked about Valentine’s Day and then we played winter Olympics hangman.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Kristin sent me an e-card, but I can’t read it because it was censored! Must be dirty! And Stick sent me Catullus 32. It begins, Amabo, mea dulcis Ipsitilla… although if you’re a classistic, you’d recognize it by novem continuas fututiones instead.So if anyone else wants to send me something steamy, do it in Latin.

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  1. Katie says:

    hehehehe it’s so cool hearing about you teaching? How old are your students? Were they polite? Did they understand English enough for you all to communicate?

    i’m so excited for you!!! I love teaching so much and I hope you like it just as much.

    Oh is the addy you sent in the email good for a while? How long will you be at this apt? Try and I want to mail you!

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