What I Did On My May Vacation

Fresca came to class with me today. I was at the middle school (that paragon of all educational virtues that is Number Three) and I was asking everyone what they could do over May Holiday in order to talk about future tense and present tense. The kids came up with the usual, like play games, do homework, watch TV, visit family, etc. One girl raised her hand and said “I will swing!”

I write down “SWIM”, because a lot of my kids get M and N confused.

“No,” she tells me. “S-W-I-N-G!” I make a face trying not to laugh, which the poor student interprets as disapproval.

“Teacher, will you swing over May Holiday?” she asks me, looking nervous. I try not to make eye contact with Fresca, and praise my student for raising her hand.

I suppose we could swing over our May holiday, but we should probably ask Jeff and Stick first.

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