First Person Plural

I went to Jackie’s the other night with Will and Jennifer. (haha I have to make up new names now because someone in Yantai reads my blog haha). Jackie’s, the proud home of Loud Food and Spicy Music, is has awesome Western food and fun English-speaking staff and they’ll even make cocktails. Plus Will and Jennifer are really interesting, and the combination of good margaritas and good conversation is one of my favorite things.

But evening was a little off for me by the gut-wretching agony that is first person plural. Simple phrases like “We liked that movie…” “we’re going to…” and “…then we went home” really make me sad. I felt the same way sometimes in Beijing with Jeff and Fresca, although I know they went out of their way not to make me feel like a third wheel. Even indirect references to a shared life are a bit depressing.

Almost every day I find something else to love in Yantai, but a part of me can’t wait to get home and start saying “we.”

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  1. Pastey White Guy says:

    Haha… and I would be that guy. Hi, Meg, its Nick! Loved the post about the little girl and water. And crayons. Oh, hell… I loved them all. Hilarious (but oh so true)!

  2. Eddie says:

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    I’ll be coming back again.


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