Why Spelling Matters

Last night, Zorro (formerly known as Jason), David and I went to the Jazz Island Cafe. Like more of the “English” places around Yantai, Jazz Ialand has a few spelling errors in their signage. In some places, Jazz is spelled with a double-X, coffee and cafe are used interchangably, and “island” has a silent Q. (Hey Zorro: That was another example of my masterful use of hyperbole)

It was the menu, though, that really got our attention. We didn’t actually order the crap salad, but with all our pointing, giggling and phototaking, we somehow confused the waitress into bringing it for Zorro anyway.

“I didn’t order this crap!”

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  1. Persephone says:

    Ah yes, signage provides infinite amusement. The best one I encountered (although I have not been back to China since 1996) was a restaurant sign that proudly announced it had “home cocking”.

  2. Jay Adan says:

    You should submit that to http://engrish.com/.

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