Wrong Girl

Will, my boss, was playing videopoker in the office. He asked me if I played, and I had to admit that my Foxwoods success was more luck than skill.

“It doesn’t matter though, because as soon as I start working here, you’ll all be playing WoW,” I said. We got into a pretty serious discussion with Kevin, another teacher, about if the the office computers are networked, can we play Civ2 on one CD key or do we all need our own? Jenn came into the office as the debate was heating up.

“Meg, you’ve totally let me down. I was expecting that another girl here counteract some of that testosterone,” Jenn said.

Man, did they hire the wrong girl.

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  1. Wabres says:

    If i could find my civ2 ket, i’d send it over. no luck so far though.

  2. jEFF says:

    I have a brand new Civ2 in a box. And an explanation book. Don’t ask me why I haven’t broken it out yet. But maybe I have forseen the reason…

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