Cool Noodles

Last night, Zorro, Dave and I went out to celebrate David’s 8 month anniversary with China. I took them to “my” noodle place, and I think Zorro was a little upset by our adventures last night because he made me order for us all while he pretended he couldn’t speak Chinese. He did tell me that the staff said how good my Chinese is, but either they are lying or he is.

This is Dave drinking a toast to his relationship with China.

I got us my beloved “cool noodles”, red plums and, of course, beer. We sat outside the noodle shop to eat, which always invites stares. It was even worse since Zorro was pretending not to speak Chinese. One foreigner attracts enoug hattention, but two foreigners with a Chinese person who can’t speak Chinese? We should have sold tickets!

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