Maturity Level

Last night, Dave, Zorro and I went to play pool. Actually, they played pool and I cheered. I tried to take pictures, but as soon as I took this one, an employee told me not to. (I was thrilled when she repeated it in English and I asked her if they served cocktails at the bar, but her entire vocabulary was “Forbidden take photos”. Oh well.)

“If you had to date a cartoon character, who would it be?” Dave asked after a few minutes of playing. Maybe he just wanted a break in our highly-mature stick and ball jokes. “Mine would be She-Ra… or Jessica Rabbit. Meg, you’re next.”

“I don’t know.”

“Optimus Prime is a nice Jewish boy,” Dave suggested.

“Nah… Tenchi Muyo!” I said. “No, wait, can I date Sluggy Freelance? Even if he’s not strictly a cartoon character?”

“You are such a nerd,” Zorro told me.

“Only another nerd would know,” I said. “Go on, who would you pick?”

“Um. Jasmine.”

“Oh, yeah, she’s hot,” Dave said. “Heh, you knocked my balls in,”

I can’t believe we’re in charge of children.

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