Immoral Foreign Blogger (No, not me)

The PRC has recently seen fit to lift the Blogger and Blogspot ban in China. This has led to a lot of changes in the China expat blog world… not the least of which is that now I can see my blog and edit my typesetting, spelling and pictures much more easily.

But this also means that Chinese readers can now read the Sex In Shanghai guy. Most of us have already looked at Sex In Shanghai because it’s #1 on the China Blog List. It’s about a foreign “teacher” juggling his relationships, dates and one-night-stands, often with his students.

He’s bugged me for a while because a teacher just shouldn’t take advantage of his students that way, even if they are 18 and it’s not technically illegal. I also think kissing and blogging is kind of lame, especially with notes about each girl’s sexual performance! I can’t totally hate him because he does prove my theory that 50% of teenage girls in China are named Sunny and Lily, and the other 50% call themselves things like River, September or Heaven.

Anyway, now that Blogspot/Blogger is accessible from China, the Chinese can read all about his escapades. And Chinese readers are furious.

Here is EastSouthNorthWest’s translation of the call to eliminate the “immoral foreign blogger”. (The real post is here, but it’s in Chinese) There are also various death threats towards the Sex in Shanghai guy floating around the blog world.

The PRC was right. Everyone really was much happier with a censored ‘net.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    individual freedom and stable society are often conflict.

    agree with that teacher should not have relationship with students. But now a days, world is changed to western. Old Chinese manner is taken by less and less people. Not blaming that Sex and Shanghai guy though, he is a LW not one of Chinese, no manner to control himself is understandable.

  2. Stuart Benedict says:

    I’ve thought that China Bounder was pretty despicable for quite some time now. It looks like he might be reaping the negative consequences of his thoughtless actions. Personally, I think he’s wrong in every way. Technically, though, he only slept with former students which isn’t as bad except for the fact that he seems to be using his classes to scope out new conquests. This practice is creepy at best and preditory at worst.

    Anonymous, are you implying that in the West it’s okay for teachers to have relationships with students? Westerners look down on this practice just as much as anybody. In fact, we put people in jail for it. Also, you seem to have the opinion (correct me if I’m wrong) that non-Chinese people (i.e. “loawai”, foreigners, westerners, whatever) are unable to control themselves. You shouldn’t lump every non-Chinese person into that category because it isn’t the case.

  3. Roopie says:

    Thing I worry about it is that the Chinese (government, people, whatever) are going to overreact and think that all male non-Chinese teachers in China are acting the same way. This could get very serious, very quickly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Misconceptions among many Chinese readers about Chinabounder are spreading like fire because of that Shanghai professor’s inflammatory blog post. Actually, he doesn’t sleep with current students, and it’s usually his former students who initiate contact after they take his class (he gives them his email address at the end of a course). He’s a bad guy, but I’m not sure about predatory.

    As an aside, he doesn’t use his lovers’ real names, but it’s still true that Chinese people pick wacky names.

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