Seventeen Hours Late

Pie2k is a webcomic my old boyfriend Matt writes about a bunch of crazy characters who bear an uncanny resemblance to his college friends. In one strip, a young man called “Miko” is waiting for a visit from his friend “Anja”, who lives in Massachusetts. Poor Anja is unavoidably detained on her way, and ends up seventeen hours late. I’m not saying she’s got anything to do with me, of course. Not at all. And clearly Miko is exaggerating because Anja was really only about 40 minutes late or something. Not seventeen hours!

Stick’s plane to Beijing is now more than seven hours late, so he’s missed the last flight to Yantai by about 4 1/2 hours. That means I won’t see him until he arrives in Yantai tomorrow… seventeen hours late.

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  1. Jay Adan says:

    Tell him I said “Hi” when he finally shows up!

  2. Pastey White Guy says:

    Ahh, so the infamous Stick is coming to Yantai today. I tried to call to see if you wanted to check out those DVD shops this afternoon, but I suppose you will be occupied seeing your boyfriend for the first time in half a year! Some other time, I suppose (unless of course he wants to go to the DVD shops as well and stock up to take home with him).

    Have fun!

  3. panda loving mom says:

    Try and let us know when he gets finally shows up. look for the pandas

  4. Lois Lee says:

    This could give you some ideas:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Excellent, love it! film editing classes

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