Chinese Food. Again.

When Stick was here, I constantly surprised myself with how much I’ve adjusted to Chinese life. Things like “yeah, yeah, Chinglish signs are funny, whatever” came out of my mouth… when I wasn’t spitting on the street, that is. Stick is an amazing boyfriend because he puts up with me. Also he took me to the Beijing Sizzler where I descended upon the salad bar like a plague of locusts and devoured my Western food (mayonaise-free salad!) before he got back to the table.

But my point had more to do with the strange things that don’t seem so strange anymore. For example, when I first came to Yantai, I was surprised to find that most eateries have a glass-fronted fridge full of uncooked dinners. You choose which plate you want, remind the staff not to make it too hot or use too much oil, then sit down while they cook it up for you. Here’s a photo.

But here’s the catch. I didn’t take this picture to show you the plates of chopped veg and animal parts. That didn’t even register as strange or noteworthy… it’s just a menu. Look closely at the bottom left. Do you see it? That plate of chicken wings and a can of Pepsi?

I checked with Zorro, and the label next to the plate really does say Pepsi Chicken Wings.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    chicken marinated in pepsi? sweeeeet!

  2. Stuart says:

    Wait. There’s a Sizzler in Beijing? Dude, I’m totally going next time I’m there.

    And I think I may have heard of this cooking things in soda concept. One of these days I might actually try it at home.

  3. Stephen says:

    I’ve actually heard of this, except with Coke. A Japanese friend made it for me, and it was really good. It was a bit sticky (the water boils off), but the sweet and tart flavours mix really well.

  4. Pastey White Guy says:

    Nick at Whygouren has a decent recipe for ’em. Check in out on his sidebar.

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