Closer Than My Peeps

Barbara, one of our students, invited Dave, Zorro and me to come to KTV with some of her friends. Now, I am no stranger to getting mildly intoxicated and belting out a Human League duet, but a Chinese Kareoke bar is a little different than at home.

First, you get your own room so you don’t have to listen to any drunks crying ballads or Cyndi Lauper with the six girls:one mic ratio. Unless you brought those people. Second, although there was no pin yin option, so no one got to hear my fabulous rendition of Mice Love Rice, there was a pretty extensive English section. Page one had Africa by Toto… I took this picture because I knew no one would believe me. Honestly, that’s what it says!

We alternated between Two Butterflies and Looking At The Sea and so forth, and the English section.

This is Dave and me singing Imagine. In China. Yeah.

And then I found Angel, more commonly known as “the peeps song”. Usually my version of the song goes like this:

“So then he said… Oh my God! Is this the peeps song? It’s the peeps song! Eric, it’s scanning! How do you take this off scan? What do you mean, the same way as last time? Oh, thanks. CLOSER THAN MY PEEPS YOU ARE TO ME! It’s the peeps song, Eric! Listen! SHE WAS THERE THROUGH MY INCARCERATION, I WANNA SHOW THE NATION, MY APPRECIATION! Yeah!”

I realize now that I am going to a special English teacher hell for singing these lyrics.

Looking back Shorty always be mention
Said me not giving her much attention

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  1. Alex says:

    If you really want to go to the Very Special Hell, you should teach them the Three Stooges Alphabet Song. Or make them all talk like Yoda.

  2. Meg says:

    I have enough trouble with “Tomorrow my cousin and I together to the net bar will go” to encourge Yoda-grammar.

    Although… what is the alphabet song of which you speak?

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