Saving Those For The Bad Teachers

Nick has started a thread on WTH Conversations In China. Whyguoren writes about trying to use his bank card in a bank. Talk Talk China writes about… actually almost everything on Talk Talk China is about the WTH moment.

Life in China is full of these moments when logic and reason are nowhere to be found. I don’t mean hearing mei you when there clearly are plenty of rooms in the hotel or seats on the train. I mean these moments when a simple request goes so horribly wrong that you have to wonder if they’re just screwing with you.

This morning, I went into my school’s office for some extra whiteboard markers for a group project. The secretary opened a drawer full of markers and took out a handful. She proceded to test each marker on a scrap of paper before handing me three good markers and… throwing the dead ones back in the supply drawer.

We repeat this interaction before every class.

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