Secretly Playing Dolls

I hate to admit how much I like this doll game. I really want to fight the idea that girl gamers like to play dress-up games and dollmakers, because it seems like there’s already an assortment of games based on that premise and aimed at girls. (ok, ok, so I did play an excessive amount of Princess Maker 2 but that’s only because my guy friends put it on my computer.)

But once I started playing with the dollmaker, other people in my office came over to see what I was giggling about. They tried to offer their fashion advice, and it was pretty addictive. Thankfully, no students stopped by while we were saying things like “Look at my cute doll!” and “Ooh! Pirate clothes!”

You can use the dolls to chat from the Dollhouse site, but you can chat over Civ4, too. Talking AND conquering the world!

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