Tiananmen Square

In between making my parents take me to an Outback and a Pizza Hut, we visited Tiananmen Square. Last week when Zorro and I were in Beijing, the taxi driver told us to go see the flowers in Tiananmen Square. Once Zorro reassured me that I’d heard and understood, I rolled my eyes and pointed out (in sarcastic English) that Tiananmen is paved and what, does he think we’re stupid or something?

Or something.

As you can clearly see, there are lots of flowers in Tiananmen Square. This is a model of the Three Gorges Dam, made of flowers and potted trees and a fountain. There was also a flower Potala Palace and of course the ubiquitious Olympic Mascots doing weird athletic something or other.

As we walked around, I kept having my photo taken. This is endlessly amusing to my parents, especially when turn around and I’m arm-in-arm with a random tourist or seven.

We also were approached by some really agressive vendors. This is less amusing to my mom. I don’t mind telling a postcard hawker to take a hike or walking away from the “art students”, but my mom wasn’t so comfortable with aggressive selling tactics. Helloyoubuy!

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