World of Warcraft: The Board Game

I was on
and I saw there’s a WoW-based boardgame. World of Warcraft: The Board Game allows players to choose their characters (not all races and character combinations are available) and decide whether to fight for the Horde or the Alliance. No word on whether I can be a tailor in the boardgame version, though. BoardGameGeek (It’s a website, not someone I dated. Really.) says there’s an expansion to the game coming out this month.

It looks really fun, but then, I had high hopes for the Sid Meyers’ Civilization boardgame and that was a train wreck. Sometimes the PC-to-dice transition is really disappointing. On the other hand, this could be WoW without the preteens on the chat channel.

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  1. Stick says:

    It’s by Fantasy Flight Games, makers of Twilight Imperium, so that is enough to pique my interest. Also, the official web site has a picture of the murlock figure. It is a cool looking figure. I hope one of the rules of the game is that your opponent has to make the murloc sound as his horde of murlocs attack your already engaged hero.

  2. Meg says:

    There’s another rule that your girlfriend always gets the pretty armor.

  3. Jay Adan says:

    Tim and I have played it. He loves it. I think it’s at least playable. As with anything, your mileage may vary.

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