As Seen In Yantai

Sometimes Chinese advertising leaves me confused. I can’t even tell
a spa from an abortion clinic
. Mostly it’s because I’m illiterate, though. These two are too good not to share.

This is an aisle of Gatsby hair care products for men. I can imagine how this one came about. A few years ago, a new grad came to work at a Chinese advertising company, and he was assigned to market a new line of Western-style beauty products. Tired of hearing from his coworkers that all Western literature is pointless because China has already written everything of importance, the disguntled English major named the product line after one of the most famous nouveau riche man in American literature.

It sounds totally plausible to me.

jissbon I saw this at the drugstore too, but I actually Googled for this picture, because I felt WAY too creepy taking a photo of a condom box to post on the internet. I can’t think of a less appropriate icon for a condom advertisement than a picture of sowing seeds. I just can’t. At least they’re called Jissbon and not named after a fortress that was breached…

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