Shopping Retrospective

Grocery shopping in February: AM I REALLY SUPPOSED TO EAT THIS?

Grocery shopping in May: Niu nai ma? Milk, yeah?

Grocery shopping in August: Cao mei suan nai zai nali? Where’s the strawberry yogurt?

Grocery shopping in October: Wo kan bu dong, qing wen, bo lou pian you mei you bai tang? I’m illiterate, could you tell me if this is dried pineapple or candied?

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  1. The Humanaught says:

    can = kan
    chien = qing

    And hey, thanks.. I never knew how to say yoghurt before… why it didn’t occure to me to just ask for sour dairy… well…

  2. The Humanaught says:

    occure = occur (shakes head…)

  3. Meg says:

    haha when I was first told that was the word for yogurt, I thought my friend was BSing me.

    I think it’s also the word for cheese but I’m not sure.

  4. Meg says:

    PS is qing supposed to be third tone? It always sounds like 2 syllables when I hear it.

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