Yantai Disneyland

Yesterday Zorro and I were walking by the beach, and we saw what the boardwalk area looks like in the off-season.

Do you see Mickey and Minnie on the window? It’s Yantai Disneyland!

Who needs seatbelts?

I know a deserted amusement park would be a great place for a horror movie, but not this one! See, it’s a garlic-themed amusement park, so vampires couldn’t come in. Don’t you feel safer?

Zorro expressing his opinion of this park.

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0 Responses to Yantai Disneyland

  1. Stick says:

    Your hair is getting so long! You look amazing…

  2. Fresca says:

    Could you die on a Yantai Disneyland ride just as easily as on a Weifang park ride? From the pics, my guess is ‘yes’ . . .

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