Red Fire Fire

Red Fire Fire is a local BBQ and beer shop. Even though it’s just down the street from my house, my co-workers Debra and Junie had to introduce me to it. It’s famous for 3 kwai beer, cheap barbecue and cheap seafood. I happen to hate seafood but I love reading Red Fire Fire on the sign.

The street barbecue

People back home seem to think I am exaggerating when I talk about cocoon food. I could write a thousand words on why I don’t need to exaggerate in Yantai, but instead, I’ll let this photo do the arguing for me. (They’re extra fresh! Try one!)

If you don’t like Yantai beer, there’s also a selection of paint thinners nail polish removers toxic chemicals bai jiu. Hello Kitty likes the harder stuff.

Beautiful foreign women drink Yantai beer!
(Dorothy and I might drink a little too much 3 RMB beer…)

Zorro: I think I’m drunk. I can feel my brain.

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