Yantai Museum

If you find the drop spindles underwhelming, there was also a dusty jawbone of a whale, and a preserved seaturtle. The weird exhibits are arranged around a courtyard with a garden and a temple. The garden was impressive, even in November, and the temple and the gates were worth the visit.

Close up on the painted figure from the doorway (mostly for my mom to see).

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  1. Wabres says:

    and whats wrong with drop spindles?

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi, wish you had a great time in yantai. although i am a chinese, i have never been to that city. since my ex-bf’s family has now decdied to settle down in yantai rather than baotou(another city in inner-mongolia), i feel much more close to the things you have mentioned in many entries. hehe. you can drop me an email to anna.joyw@gmail.com if you have got time, otherwise, all the best wishes to you:) anna banana

    btw i have heard that yantai is a very pleasant place to live compared to other polluted city such as baotou. but i am not sure how less polluted it is compared to shanghai, which is where i hailed from.

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