Grocery Shopping

Scep, Katie, Stick and I stopped at a local grocery store, looking for snacks, soda and normal gaming food. It’s common to say that Americans are fat… but I don’t think I’d ever realized it so strongly. The grocery store was full of hugely fat people, pushing giant shopping carts full of food.

Katie had to drag me away from the neatly wrapped packages of recognizable meats. I stared at the uniform fruit from around the world, stacked in neat pyramids around the store. Every aisle had something fascinating, new products like squeeable tubes of ginger or new combination cookies. I was boring my friends senseless with my cries of “look, look!” and excitement over a pretty mundane package.

I kept thinking that when I got back to the US, I’d stop feeling lonely and I’d feel like I fit in properly, but even here, even right next to Stick and my friends, it seems that China has changed me. I still see through laowai eyes, and it keeps me apart.

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  1. Garan says:

    That’s an interesting insight. It’s interesting but being out here I can definitely feel changes happening in my personality and I’m curious how they will effect my interactions with people once I return home. This idea leaves me both excited and a bit nervous as I’m wondering how it will change the relationships I had before (not just with people but life in America) and if it will be for the better.

    It’s an interesting thought to play around with but one that I guess can’t be fully realized until the time it comes into play. Anyway, happy new year!

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