Looking Into The Future

I know what’s going to happen. In a few weeks, I’ll be back home and living with Stick (Stick’s mother has asked me to please stop calling it Shacking Up).

“My apartment in China,” I’ll tell him sometime when he’s moved my books and papers from one surface to the next, looking for a place to sit down. “had three bedrooms. One for my clothes, shoes and jewelry, one for my books and my desk, and one to actually sleep in.”

“My apartment in China,” I’ll tell him, “had marble countertops in the kitchen.”

“My apartment in China,” I’ll tell him, “had a little sunny balcony.”

“But, my dear Meg,” Stick will say, because even in my daydreams there’s a limit to his tolerance. “Your apartment in China also had an electrical outlet in the shower.”

Well, yes.

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  2. Anna Zhan says:

    My apartment in Taiwan does too!! Only it’s slightly lower so it’s more in the direct spray of the water… I cover it up with duct tape.

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