No More Cowboys

Today was my last class with the Cowboys. These are a group of kindergarteners that I begged Will not to make me teach. I got stuck picking them up in the office and singing:

This is the way we go to class,
go to class,
go to class
this is the way we go to class,
and now it’s time to learn

When I met them, they already knew “This is the way I brush my teeth”, “comb my hair” and “eat my rice” but I added “This is the way I fight the Gauls,” to their list. Although I’d said I didn’t want to teach little ones, and asked everyone else in the office to please please please take this class and I would teach all the problem teenagers in Shandong province, I got attached to the little Cowboys.

As class ended today, I was marching skipping walking in a totally mature and adult fashion down the hall after class, singing “This is the way we go to home, go to home…” with the kids.

Will popped his head out of his classroom and sang:

“And now you need a job,”

Man, I’m going to miss this place.

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  1. bethie says:

    “go to home”!? what are you teaching these kids?

    I will see you soon!! yay meggy!

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