Roman Holiday

One my first Roman day, Stick and I went to the Pyramid of Cestius, and to the Non-Catholic Foreigners Cemetary where Keats and Shelley are both buried (not together… although both are buried next to their “good friend”) and we saw the veiw of the city from the Garibaldi Monument. Mostly, though, we walked around classics major Disneyland, catching up and talking about those days after Age of Augustus when we walked by the student travel agent and watched the prices of Rome flight fluctuate. If you have to walk around all grinning and googly-eyed, Italy is the place to do it.

You all know I’m way better with sarcasm, so this might be my last entry for a few days… or until something goes wrong.

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  1. Joy says:

    Meg, it seems that you are enjoying your trip in Italy. It is difficult for foreigners to understand an English article well even if there is one new word. Cemetary? Please forgive me.
    And thank you very much!

  2. Matthew says:

    Please stop by a little spot near the Spanish Steps called the Cafe Greco. It used to be a haven for artists and writers at the turn of the century and serves one of the best cups of hot chocolate I have ever had. It’s one of my favorite spots in Rome.

  3. Wabres says:

    Joy, a cemetary is a place were the dead are buried or entombed.

    Now Meg, How am I supposed to have adventures vicariously through others if you don’t write about them? 🙂

  4. Bethie says:

    You know me Meggy, when was the last time I minded you not using sarcasm? post for us anyway even if it’s mushy! k?

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