Stupid Western Food

After our impromptu lost-luggage party, Scep and Katie took Stick and me out to a Montclair restaurant. It’s one of my favorites, and it’s the one where Scep and I have have our traditional pre-holiday margaritas. I bounced around in my chair unable to decide what to eat. I’m so excited to be back in an English-speaking country that I’ve become really chatty with everyone I see, so I ended up ordering what the waitress though would be a good back-in-the-US dinner. Yay! Scep, Katie, Stick and me are all back at home, eating delicious frizzled onions!

But I had about two bites of my amazing Western food… and it made me really, really sick.

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  1. Fresca says:

    See, food in China wasn’t really that bad! Welcome home!!! J and I are in CA for X-Mas and New Years Eve – but we can’t wait to see you guys when we’re all back in MA 🙂

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