Unpleasant Truths

Stick and I went to Scep and Katie’s house just after our lost-baggage adventure and just before our marathon Wii session. Scep’s mom, my “aunt”, came in, and after the obligatory China questions and hugs, I remembered that I have a plus-one.

“This is my boyfriend, Stick,” I said.

“I know that, I met him before you went to China,” Scep’s mom said.

“Right! You did! Check me out! I’ve had a boyfriend for so long!” There may also have been a happy dance.

“Yes, that’s very surprising.” Scep’s mom said. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

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  1. Katie Rabbit says:

    OMG I didn’t know she said that! 😛 That’s kinda rude…but it is Tryon’s mom…and she’s a strange bird at times!

  2. Vix says:

    So…bar crawl?

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