Animal Farm

Chinese New Year is this month, and next year is 4705, the Year Of The Pig. The CCTV censorship crew has recently banned pigs from TV advertisements for fear of offending Muslims, who are prohibited from eating pork. If you’re not familiar with James Chou, Da Shan, Eve Bower and the rest, CCTV is the Chinese national television network.

At the same time, the Chinese post office is also producing Year Of The Pig commemorative scratch&sniff postage stamps. The picture smells like sweet-and-sour pork and the glue tastes like it. One Man BandWidth points out that they taste just like Year Of The Chicken.

Apparently, Chinese Muslims don’t lick stamps.

(Thanks to Humanaught and One Man BandWidth, respectively, for tipping me off to these two stories.)

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0 Responses to Animal Farm

  1. Bethie says:

    aw meggy my sources me it smells and tastes like paper and glue.

    disappointed 🙁

  2. Stuart says:

    You mean the Chinese are still making stamps that you have to lick? LOL. Oh, those Chinese.

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