Cougar Chasing

This morning, Stick and I got up really early to pick up his car from the mechanic. We drove down in our borrowed car, ransomed his Cougar, then I took his newly-fixed car and he took the loaner. I followed him back to the highway, and then we headed in different directions. I was just pulling into his mom’s driveway when I heard my phone ring.

“Slow down! You missed the exit!”

I said something witty and affectionate along the lines of huh?

“You’re doing at least eighty and that’s not safe and also you flew past the exit and now you’re heading to Holyoke!”

“Stick? I’m at your mom’s house.”

“You’re what?”

“Unlocking the door.”

“Oh. Then, I’m chasing a different blue Cougar down 91. &#%!#, I’m late for class again!”

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