Paris In Azeroth?

I just heard a web rumor that even Paris Hilton is in WarCraft. Personally, I thought she’d be more of a Second Life porno avatar than a WarCrafter. She’s an NPC Blood Elf, of course. Typical. The forums say she’s in Shattrath City, hanging out by the bar, refusing to talk to anyone. No word yet on whether “Haris Pilton” will leak a sex tape to lucky gamers, or send players on a quest to find her missing panties.

I vaguely dislike Paris in the way that nerdy girls don’t like pretty, popular girls. My real English Teacher ire is reserved for the stylist who allowed her to make, wear and market Thats hot, your not t-shirts. My students wouldn’t let her get away with that.

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  1. Paris is really nice i love her

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