What Not To Say

Frag Doll Valkyrie  has blogged about Top Ten Least Original Things To Say To A Girl Gamer.

 Female gamers are subject to harassment every single day, every single minute, while playing online games. Although voice communication is a wonderful thing in online gaming, some girls would rather choose not to talk or use a name that would not identify them as females simply to have a little peace.

I don't know if I would call it "harassment" because most games have a way to block players who are really a pain (if only real life had a /ignore function, too), but it does get annoying to hear the same "witty" lines over and over. In fact, I can sum up everything in a Top Two Stupid Things To Say To A Girl Gamer.

1) You sound hot… and you should send me naked pictures / give me your phone number / set up a webcam / give your your AIM (MSN, whatever) / cyber right now

2) You're not really a girl.

Valkyrie's list of ten includes:

 3. Get back into the kitchen and make me a … (sandwich, turkey pot pie, etc.)
We know you're lazy-ass gamers, but that doesn't mean we aren't the same. Go make your own damn food.

I know I could just pick a boy's name and a male 'toon to avoid all that, but I don't think I should give up my femme avatar because of a few obnoxious preteens. Girl gamers shouldn't have to hide! I love getting on a new WoW server and seeing other girls, especially if their chat channel behavior proves they're real girls.

Oh, and I like having pretty hair and girly armor.

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