Belated China Story

This story came up last night, when Stick and I went out with Jay and his family, and I realized I’d never posted it here.

One day when Stick was visiting me in China, I was in class, so he went by himself to the little shop next to my apartment to get some soap. His Chinese is completely non-existent, so he ended up playing a long, complicated game of charades with the shopkeeper. An hour or so later, he did get a package of soap, though, and he did do an amazing job cleaning my apartment. Actually, that’s the main reason I wanted to move in with him — He’s very good at cleaning up after me.

A few weeks after Stick had gone home, I went into the shop and that shopkeeper said something about “your husband*”. I couldn’t pick up any other words, so wasn’t sure what he was saying, until he started to do an impression of Stick doing charades.

* A little exaggeration because Juice Auntie saw us leaving my house together in the morning, and she was scandalized.

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