Bikini Gaming

Usually I get really excited about girl-gaming news, only to find out it’s an ad for Barbie’s Magical Something. This time, I was totally let down for a different reason.

For so long, video games have been very much a guy thing, but this is no longer the case. We’re seeing more and more female gamers who are just as hardcore as anyone else begins this article at GamerHelp.

This promising opening is followed by a series of pictures of girls in their panties licking consoles. Because everyone knows that guys play games in sweatshirts, but girls? We always put on a schoolgirl skirt and a push-up bra to play WarCraft! While I look like an animated dwarf online, I’m really on front of the computer in lingerie and mascara.

Seriously, GamerHelp, you’re just giving Stick unrealistic expectations.

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  1. peter says:

    Grotesque. As if that’ll encourage girls to play games.

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