Going To

I went back to work yesterday, and I got to see one of Mikhail’s finest moments. Mikhail is in his seventies, he’s got a masters in engineering, and he speaks Russian and Hebrew fluently. He’s taking my English class more as a retirement hobby than anything else.

We were reviewing the future with “going to”, and my students were in pairs, asking each other a list of questions like “What are you going to do after class?” and “When are you going to have dinner?” I called on some students to share the answers they and their partners came up with it. (I was trying to make the point that only the form of “to be” changes for first person, second person, third person, so if you know the forms of be, then you’ve magically learned a new tense!)

Mikhail grinned, raised his eyebrows, and said “Tonight Mariana and I are going to go to bed at eleven o’clock.”

She blushed bright red and added “Not together!”

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