We had graduation on Monday night. It was great to see my students all dressed up and to meet their families.

Unfortunately, it was really disorganized. Get here at 6, bring your certificates and sit in the front rows! No, 5:30! Sit on the stage! Sit with your class! Get here at 5! Talk for 5 minutes about your class! The certificates aren’t ready yet, pick them up in the lobby. No, office. We don’t have time for speeches, just call their names! Don’t sit with your class, sit on the stage! Make a 3 minute speech! The doors will still be locked at 5, get here at 5:30!

I didn’t really enjoy it much because I was so uncomfortable and unsure what I was meant to be doing. I didn’t even know when my class would be called, we weren’t following either the program or the order we’d been told. It was like some of my improvisational teaching in China. I finally decided that I’d take as long as it takes to tell my class how awesome they are and to present the certificates.

I had almost perfect attendance for graduation. One student told me beforehand that he couldn’t get out of work, and another said she would come, but ended up not having a babysitter. It was really good to see that my students wanted to recognize the end of the semester and bring their families.

Now that I’m done with LCC, I’m in a weird position. I’ve just taught a semester at college… but I’m looking for a job again and may be working at the 7/11 or Dunkin’ Donuts next.

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