Apple Art

Stick and I stopped by a fruit stand on the way back from Pancake Man, and we noticed that the vendor had some kind of crazy art apples. Is this a Mid-Autumn Festival alternative to mooncakes? Or are they everyday apples that I just never notices before?

While we were excitedly showing each other Buddhas and bunnies on the apples, the vendor and his son realized what we wanted, and looked throw their crates for ones with good pictures. The little boy was pretty excited to see us up close, but it wasn’t anywhere near the crowd I could have drawn in Yantai.

I’m not sure what this one says — although I think the second character is star — but I’m going to pretend it says “For the most beautiful”. I hope it doesn’t start a war…

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  1. Christopher says:

    My Mandarin is non-existent, but I believe that says, “For Snow White”.

  2. Kit says:

    it means, literally, ‘appear auspicious dragon phoenix.’

    possibly the most chinese phrase I’ve ever typed haha

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