Stranglethorn Vale

New WoW article on Stranglethorn Vale is up on Azeroth World News, in case you’re getting sick of me talking about China all the time.

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  1. elliottng says:

    HAH…you should also tell people who vacation in SV that they should NOT start collecting that darn book with all the pages! Just sell off the pages you collect and get rid of them at the AH. I did the opposite, ended up buying pages to complete the book and for what? “Only in WoW” moment! BTW I’m in Silicon Valley and more addicted to China as an RPG (ChinesePod Intermediate on a good day) than WoW (just level 37 Human Priest). Love your blog.

  2. Meg says:

    Yeah, they took up too many spaces in my bags… ended up trashing some and selling others. I also LOVE chinesepod, although I’m not intermediate, I’m beginner on ChinesePod and newbie offline, where people talk fast and have accents!

  3. says:

    Ooh. Great point about real life vs. ChinesePod. Then I am a newbie as well, with the added complication of being a Chinese-American who looks fluent until opening up my mouth…I’ve been considering gearing up with hats with the Korean flag and just saying I’m Korean so they immediately get that I’m not fluent. Thanks!

  4. Meg says:

    haha I totally understand. My buddy in Yantai is an American-raised Chinese. His Chinese is WAY better than mine, but people always assumed that he was fluent and would rattle off paragraphs of rapid-fire local dialect.

    I have the opposite, Chinese people assume that I can’t possibly understand them, so it’s fine to talk about me. Now I can pick up both “Very fat” and “Beautiful white girl” across the room.

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