Finding Neverland

My honors students and I watched the first half of Peter Pan in class today. I was a little worried about 20 seven-year-olds sitting still for a foreign-language movie, especially the clever little hellions who’re in honors English.

At the beginning of class, we had a bit of drama with the DVD player. By “drama”, I mean that I handed TA B the disc, and she stared blankly at it. Yesterday’s conversation about a TV and DVD player for the honors class wasn’t just hypothetical! Oh, when will I ever learn that “yes” means “I acknowledge you’re speaking to me”?

Anyway, it was all worth it when Captain Hook lunged at Peter Pan and my students all shouted “Oh no!” “Look out!” and “Run, Peter!”

We’re watching the ending next week. I can’t wait to see if they believe in fairies.

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